Friday, 16 May 2014


Website is up and the shop has opened its doors. I have decided to do things a little be differently this time so that I don't get in a muddle with lists and chance upsetting folks with taking an age to make their order because its way down on the list.

For the moment there are only coats in the shop as I am planning a fab sale of my other wears at a most lovely location so that people can come try things on, have a ponder, sip tea, nibble some cake and enjoy the day but more of that to come.

So there will be no  custom orders (sorry) what goes live will be all I have until it is sold first come first served my lovelies and don't delay as the coats have already sold before I had even announced it open....


  1. I think I must have missed the link! How do we find your shop?

  2. Hi there from sunny Lincolnshire. Can we expect the new book soon?

  3. So, so wished I could have come along but maybe next time!!!
    You made me laugh on face book when you thought I had said I had hurt my head!
    Take care chucks x


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